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Concept Stores & Pop-ups

  • $75.00

Concept stores are about discovery and experience. In a world of options, these stores pull together products from different lines and brands, odds and ends, to weave a story or cultivate a way of living that inspires. To keep it fresh and interesting, regular updates and narrative display help purvey this attitude, and a well-designed branding scheme solidifies their philosophy.

In recognising the true power of design, the 60 concept stores and pop-ups featured in BRANDLife: Concept stores & pop-ups demonstrate how fashionable graphic identities and interiors help put forward lifestyle ideas beyond what their products are originally designed for. The showcase will examine retail settlements with diverse focuses, from food and fashion to a total lifestyle, that trades utilitarian products and cultural offerings.


  • 280 Pages
  • Full Colour
  • Paperback/Softback
  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 25.6cm