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Gold Digger Nozzle

  • $185.00

A nozzle is to a garden hose what diamonds are to jewellery. This golden nozzle is a precious piece that compliment all Garden Glory's water hoses.

The brass nozzle is part of the DeLuxe collection. They are made in Sweden and match all Garden Glory's combinations of hoses and wall mounts perfectly. Choose between jet, soft shower and mist when watering. These nozzles are durable and will age with grace and charm.


  • Colour: Brass
  • Each nozzle set includes two nozzles, one for the male end of the garden hose and one for the female end.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a Gold Digger nozzle set and wish to use your sprinkler in plastic, you need the connector to make it work. Just attach the small piece to the sprinkler and connect the Gold Digger nozzles connector to it.